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Point System

The MISA point system is designed to reward students for their involvement within the organization. In addition to the significant connections students can make by attending MISA events, they will also receive a variety of rewards (called perks) for being active. Premium members receive more points and a wider variety of rewards for their MISA attendance and contributions; however all students attending MISA events are included in the point system and are encouraged to participate.

How it Works:

  • Premium Members receive a 1.5x multiple on all points earned

  • Bonus category is not applicable for the premium multiple

  • This system is subject to change at anytime with or without notice.

Points are earned by participating in the events and actions within the "How to Earn Points" chart. These points are tracked by the officer team. When you obtain enough points for a Perk, we will notate it in your record. Here are a few things to know about:

  • Once you get to the max number of points on the Perks chart, you start back at 0 and go through it again. You may do this an unlimited number of times. 

    • The Graduation Cord can only be earned once.​

  • Free drink and appetizer Perks can be redeemed by requesting them from an officer at a social.

  • Contact the Advisor, Jonathan Sweet, before paying if you want to redeem your membership discount.


Q: I was a member during an older version of the point system. What happened to my points?

A: Your points were converted to current point values

Q: Do I still have all of my Perks from previous semesters?

A: Yup. As long as you're a student at FAU, your perks will always remain and be usable.

Q: Are premium membership discounts stackable?

A: No. You may only apply one discount for a membership.

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